Dead Body Found at Kensington Palace

Another Dead Body Found on Another Royal Residential Estate.

Today there is a headline splashed across a wide selection of online mainstream media publications telling us a dead body has been found on the Kensington Palace Estate where Prince William and Kate Middleton live. It should be a huge question raising story about an unexplained death on the Royal Kensington Palace estate. But the mainstream media and the Met do not seem to have this view.

Aerial View of Kensington Palace and the Round Pond

Several online media reports tell us the emergency services were called at 7.09am to Kensington Gardens in west London one week ago on Saturday 29th August 2020. The call had been made to report concerns for ‘the safety of a woman’. This transpired to be an unidentified female body in the Round Pond, (a 16ft deep pond created by George II in 1730), on the Kensington Palace Estate. The palace is the childhood home of Queen Victoria. It is now the home of  Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Princess Eugenie with her husband Jack Brooksbank, who live on the estate at Ivy Cottage. The pond is home to the oldest model yacht club in the country; the Model Yacht Sailing Association, established in 1876. Upon the Ambulance service arrival, the female of concern was unresponsive and announced dead at the scene. But a report in the online publication of Euro Weekly News has some conflicting accounts of the events which led to the dead body being recovered from its watery grave, the EWN publication said ‘Police discovered the corpse in one of the ornamental lakes at the front of the London palace while searching for artist Endellion Lycett Green. Well, which story is it?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Kensington Palace with Obama.

Reading on, we anticipate greater details about the sensational and shocking incident, but somehow the article quickly moves away from this story and begins to focus on an entirely different person who has nothing to do with the corpse in the Royal Palace’s pond.

The mainstream media tells us is, the police initially made an incorrect assumption about who the body is. They made the mistake of breaking the news the family of a female who was reported missing for the previous 7 days, Ms. Endellion Lycett Green (aka Nagal), 51. Fortune had it for the Lycett family, their missing relative affectionately known as ‘Delli’ (not to be confused with where you buy your lunch), soon turned up safe and well.  The police were without any further leads on the recently deceased. 

Artist Endellion ‘Delli’ Lycett Green.

As would be expected the Lycett’s were joyous over her return. All of the online MSM articles unnecessarily expand on Lycett Green’s details. It was a mini-bio about the artist who is the granddaughter of former poet laureate Sir John Betjemanand,  and had social connections to the Camerons‘ and Dominic West.

Her brother John was quoted in the Daily Mirror online, “Thank you all for the support and love you showed for Delli and her family. Sorry to all of you that, like us, were grieving for the wonder that is Delli”. (Er, yeah ok…) She is married and lives with her husband and children in Wiltshire (yawn).

The Queen’s Favourite Home of Balmoral Castle in Scotland
Kensington Palace

Police were quoted to say “She (Lycett Green) was known to visit Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, and Green Park“, and “has a strong interest in art so may frequent galleries in these areas.” 

Information regarding the whereabouts of the royal heir and his family at the time of the gruesome finding is sketchy. Some reports state  ‘The Queen was holding a socially distanced family reunion with William, Kate and their three children on Saturday in Balmoral, but it is unknown’ if any other royals had remained at home on the Kensington Palace estate.

Following all of this unexplained excessive information about the not-missing-person, who was not found dead in the pond on the grounds of what was formerly Princess Diana’s and Princess Margaret’s home. The story is rounded off with the footnote:

Scotland Yard spokesperson told the Daily Mail online; “The death is being treated as unexplained at this time but is not thought to be suspicious, and a post mortem will be carried out soon” and “enquiries are ongoing”

Officers still haven’t confirmed the identity of the woman. 

In My Humble Opinion: 

This is a classic case of the burying of a news story which should reflect badly on the Royals. However, the reported story is briefly touched on, then glossed over. All articles go off on a tangent re; the mistaken identity of a formerly missing woman who is no longer missing. We are then subjected to reading an unnecessary list of details about Ms. Endellion Lycett Green. As readers it is natural to assume the story should correlate and be relevant to the headline title. This is not the case. We get a full who is who of Lycett Green’s life and family tree. Each report more or less mirrored all the others almost word for word, but with one or two additional sentences with and maybe a small fact, many images were also pretty much the same in each individual article. In all cases the news story is short with little actual details surrounding the dead body.

This is not the first time a dead body has been found on a Royal Estate home. In 2013 the body of an unidentified female was found on the Queen’s Norfolk home, Sandringham House.  The similarities are uncanny. Both dead females were found on the grounds of Royal properties, causes of death unknown. In both cases, the investigations were/are still continuing. The Sandringham dead body has not reached any case conclusion. The mainstream media and police gave us the suggestion of efforts made into solving each of these cases, which seem superficial and amount to nothing, before being quietly tucked away on a metaphorical shelf. 

It is interesting to observe the alabi/cover story for the Cambridge family; they were attending the Queen’s ‘social distancing’ reunion in Balmoral. (When did she go there? Weren’t we told she was in isolation at Windsor?). But it is not known ‘which royals’ were in residence at the time of the discovery of the body. I noticed several articles mentioned the fact that Eugenie lives on the estate with her husband. Golden boy Heir to the throne; William’s PR is preserved and remains spotlessly immaculate. Eugenie, a lesser significant royal, is thrown under the bus which is a wretched act. An interesting link on this story (see at the bottom of the page) is about Prince Andrew. The article tells us that Andrew is also currently in residence with the Queen at Balmoral Castle while his own scandal is still a hot topic. It seems that Balmoral is full of the royals who are in hiding right now…

Kensington Palace is home to several members of the royal family.

I am not sure what the point of the press reporting Harry and Megan also resided within Kensington Palace prior to migrating to Megan’s homeland, the USA. But it was mentioned. Maybe it is significant? Many online digital investigators who question everything whilst looking deeper into facts in order to connect the dots, are all aware of the scandals and shared knowledge of the Royals and darker activities which, we as the public would find unbelievable. The Queen and Prince Philip have many rumours of making children disappear, never to be seen again. So with the allegations and beliefs about the royal family’s secrets in our awakened minds, this unidentified female may have fallen victim to royal ‘pastimes’. If this is the case, it could be any or all of the entire royal family involved. 

I myself believe there is no smoke without fire, and two dead bodies on two separate royal estates smell rather smokey to me. I also find it convenient (and would not expect anything else), the queen stepped in to cover for Wills and Kate.  I have maintained the belief that each member of the Windsor family is placed under house arrest (for the alleged inhumane horrendous crimes), and if this is the case, they may not be able to leave their home grounds, so this may be the best makeshift place to attempt to hide a dead body.

Another question I want to ask is; what condition was the body in? How long do they suspect she has been dead for? This is quite a critical piece of information in all unexplained deaths. If the body had laid at the bottom of the 16ft deep pond for more than a week, then it is possible the Cambridges may have been at home at the time of this female’s death or dumping into the water. My unqualified basic knowledge of forensics has taught me that bodies only stay sunken for a number of days before ‘floating’ to the surface. Forensics are able to estimate the time or day of death by the progression stage of rigor mortise. We have no more idea than the police themselves seem to have. Will we be told the cause of death following the post mortem? Has the post mortem been carried out in the week between the corpse being found and the story going to press? Will we be told anything more? Will the police really bother to ‘investigate’ this any further? Are we the public meant to be fooled and distracted by this transparent effort by the media to make us think its no big deal, and then be distracted by an irrelevant story? The most needed details about the case of the mistaken identity should be a minor detail to the bigger picture. We did not need a life story about a person who was not the dead body. This entire story covers Lycett Green’s story in great depth. It seems as if  William and Kate, and their home with a dead body is just a small detail in the bigger picture of the life and times of Ms. Endellion Lycett Green. I have no interest in this woman’s life and social circles. I am confident to imagine I am not alone. 

Royal Retreat Sandringham House Estate in Norfolk

I find the Scotland yard comment ‘the death is not suspicious’ as shocking as the finding of the corpse itself. There was a DEAD body of a female in the Royal Kensington Palace Garden pond. This is suspicious!!! All unexplained deaths are suspicious until solved. The Met’s attitude is a blasé one. I suspect this is how they want us to feel the same; its ‘ just another dead body’, and another mundane royal story. It is not. This is nothing to be indifferent over. The police should be assuring us that they are doing everything they can and are fully active in their investigations. The police force working on this case should be stressing the desire to identify the woman and locate her family and understand the events surrounding her death. It is unusual that they have not asked anyone with any information to come forward. Will this get a slot on Crimewatch? It is unlikely. All we know in the meantime is; the media and royal palace want us to think this is perfectly normal and ok. After all, it is only a dead body no-one knows anything about!

Kensington Palace Overlooks the Round Pond

In summary there is a lot of something and nothing being displayed and the illusion of going through the motions. But the bottom line is, we do not know who this dead female is, what age she may be; what condition her body was found in; when the body died; what are the signs of the cause of death?

The original call to 999 was for the ‘concern for the safety of a woman’. Does this mean she was alive at the time? If so what happened between the time of the call and arrival of the emergency services. Who called 999? What did they witness see to cause enought concern to call for the police? Why is this information not disclosed in the news report? Did the person who called for assistance the perpetrator who put the body in the pond?  It is usually one of the first ports of call in big news crime stories to find the eye witness who called for help. Instead of the vital information, we get a lot of nonsense about a woman who is not the dead person, and quite frankly I have no interest in her.

The reality is, we are unlikely to have these questions answered, and possibly the powers that be, do not want us to ask. The media is more concerned for the well being and reappearance of a woman previously missing and assumed to be the identity of the corpse. To push the suspicious death and unidentified body aside, to focus on an insignificant person in this mystery absolutely belittles and devalues the human life which has met an untimely end. 

How many people need to turn up dead on royal residences before people will sit up and pay attention to the fact that something quite sinister is happening within the royal family.

I for one am not being fobbed off by all of this smoke and mirrors, how about you? What are your thoughts on this case? Write in the comments below and let me and other readers see your thoughts. 


Another thought which has crossed my mind is the significance of the Round Pond itself. I have watched a few documentaries about the significance of water in Satanic and Illuminati practices. Water represents the portal into the underworld, as was the River Styx in Greek mythology. Finding the body in the Pond may have a deeper significance as a connection to her cause or reason for death, could she be a sacrifice?

Additionally, another documentary referring to Masonic symbolism highlights the shape of the pond and water running to it. It is a masonic symbolistic architecture. Also if you look at the image of the Sandringham Estate featured above, you will notice the long drive with a circle at the end with two branches running of the circle. It is the same shape as the round pond with branches leading off each side. We can see in the aerial view of Kensington Palace the same featured design. I cannot find my links at the time of writing this post, but when I find the sources I will post them here as an update. -If you find any of your own, please leave a comment in the comment box where everyone can view.

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