The Missing Teenager found Dead on the Queens Sandringham Estate

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Sandringham House

This week on the 4th September 2020, it was reported in the mainstream media; a dead body has been found on the royal estate Kensington Palace. Click here to read the news article in the Daily Mail onlineThis story is a shocking incident. Yet it is not the first time a dead body was found on a royal estate, read on…

Early Jan 2012 a young girl was found dead on the Royal Estate Sandringham. The body of Alissa Dmitrijev was found in a copse at Anmer, known as French’s Covert Belt, by a member of the public at approximately 4pm on 1 January 2012, shortly after the queen and her husband Prince Philip attended a New Year’s Day church service nearby.

The Queen, Prince Philip, and other royals had been in residence over the Christmas and New Year season and were still remaining at the time the Latvian teenager’s body was discovered by a dog walker close to the Queen’s Sandringham estate.

It is worth noting the area where Dmitrijeva’s body was found is often used for pheasant and partridge hunts, regularly attended by members of the royal family, according to Sky News. Police said one such hunt took place December 28. 

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Route from Sandringham Estate to Anmer

The mainstream media cover stories suggested the body may have been undiscovered for many months. The case has been neatly tied up and put away (as all royal scandals are). Neither the media nor the police gave any information regarding what the cause of death was, or the condition of the body when discovered. A later inquest in 2014 stated, (more than two and a half years later); she was so decomposed, a pathologist was unable to determine the cause of death, (convenient).

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Sandringham Estate, Anmer Village
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St Mary the Virgin Church Anmer
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Locations of Last Sightings of Alissia Dimitrijeva

Norfolk Constabulary said that Dmitrijeva was reported missing from her home in the town Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, about 40 km away from Sandringham, in August. Among the evidence heard was that mobile phone records placed Alisa at Snettisham beach car park, along with two Lithuanian men, Robertas Lukosius and Lauras Boiko on the night she was last seen and the following morning (31st August). The last signal her phone gave out was at the nearby Sandringham estate. Following a lack of evidence, the pair of men last seen with Dmitrijev, are no longer suspects in teen’s murder. The 28-year-old and 31-year-old have been told they are no longer under arrest but they remain on bail (May 2013).

‘In my humble opinion’; whenever a body is discovered by a dog walker, it is placed where it is likely to be discovered. I imagine this location was where many dog owners may walk their dog. How can this body lay for months undetected? Also if it had laid for months, the body would be in a serious state of decay (even in the British winter). Also, dogs and pedestrians alike would have been bound to notice the stench.

There is a lot of greenery and dense woods surrounding the royal Norfolk estate. The location where the missing teenager’s body was discovered also has woods nearby. We have read about the *human hunting games which the Queen along with other royal members and public figures have been reported to enjoy. Could this teenager have been held captive for months (goodness knows what happened) and then released for a hunting party on the 28th December? Was she one of the ones who almost made it and got away, before dying? Or was she killed and dumped? What do we think is a likely scenario?

There is more to this case than we the public are to know. The MSM and police have given a flimsy explanation, without any further information and the general public seem to not question this.

Timeline of last known events for Dmtirijev:

  • 31 August 2011: The teenager was last seen in King’s Lynn.

  • 6 September 2011: She was reported missing by her grandmother

  • 1 January 2012: Alisa’s body was discovered on the Sandringham Estate.

  • 1 May 2013: Two men were arrested on suspicion of murder, but later released without charge.

 Additional Research:  

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