As we all know, the world has been on lockdown for most of 2020. This means many of the world’s population has been in isolation at one point or still are. It’s a fair assumption we are unlikely to see the high profile people as often as we are all used to. Like the rest of us, they are also in isolation (or so the MSM tells us).

The British Royal Family is no exception.

All we have seen of them this year is a few random staged recordings, some strangely unnatural photographs, and a zoom meeting between the Queen and Princess Anne.

Earlier on in the quarantine lockdown, we did witness some PR appearances from our senior members of the all  Windsor/Saxe Coburg Gotha family.

Typical Scene of Buckingham Palace 

(Source Huffington Post)

First and foremost on the top of the Royal watch weird list is Buckingham Palace. Some may know and others (outside of London) may not; where there was once a constant throng of people in front of the palace, it is now vacated leaving the huge palace resembling a ghost town 

The Victorian fountain at the end of Pall Mall, in front of the Palace, is as dry as a bone. While we cannot be sure when the fountain was turned off, it is now most definitely no longer functioning. The palace gates are locked and the courtyard is empty. The first thing we can notice is the lack of Royal Guards. Without any announcement, one day they left the palace at the end of their shift  never to return. A  tourist who uploaded their footage of this to YouTube. It still remains at the time of writing this article, but all current palace videos are being removed from YouTube at a fast rate.

There are two Ghurkas standing where the royal guards used to be. One stood in each of the two huts at the front of the palace. These are the only two soldiers to be seen in the entire front yard. Further, towards the far left of the palace front, two armed police stand guarding the side entrance into the building.

Inside the yard is an unusual bricked structure which had not been there in the past. It is not an ornament. If anything it is a clear and visible eyesore. It is difficult to believe the Queen would allow the construction of this to take place. It must have a purpose, but what that is, is not quite clear.

Now let’s see what the Queen is up to:

As a whole, the Royals have been elusive for the majority of the year.

The Queen left her main Royal residence earlier this year on the 23rd March. This was publicised in the mainstream media. We were told that she would isolate at the family home of Windsor Castle, for safety from the sensationalised and feared COVID virus.

Later in August, (not quite sure when this took place), her Highness headed to her Scottish home, Balmoral. Did the MSM publicise this trip? Or did she travel via her secret train from the secret station under the palace? (The queen has her own rail network which connects her to her palaces scattered across the country, and vice versa her visitors can travel to the palace). This underground train network and underground tunnels throughout the capital provides safe and covert transit.

The Queen, (it is not known if Prince Philip was with her) is ‘self-isolated’ in exile in the Scottish highlands. Whilst her majesty languishes at Balmoral, a controversial allegation of native orphan children who went missing has resurfaced. 10 children were never seen again after a day trip with the queen and Prince Philip. This dark event and others are equally as disturbing such as hair raising articles of Phillip’s relationship with his Uncle,  the 1 st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.  There are many reports surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s secret life, with suggestions her parentage and lineage are not what the history books have us to believe. These are a mere few of many scandalous revelations which are published throughout the internet. It is easy to find the information with a simple search. 

Staff Redundancies: -Major changes to the Queen’s Palace staff and Tower of London Beefeater Guards.

The Daily Mail and The Telegraph both reported in the summer that the Queen would not return to Buckingham Palace. She will remain at Windsor Castle when she has returned from her Scottish summer holiday.

The COVID virus has impacted the Queen’s income to the sum of £18m. As a result of this Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London have suffered from excessivestaff redundancies. They are not the only royal sites that have made staff cutbacks. Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, the Banqueting House, and Kew Palace, as well as Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, have all been affected.

Historic Royal Palaces is a self-funded charity which maintains the upkeep of the palaces. It has suffered from a huge £98m shortfall. The most significant loss of all is in The Tower of London (where the priceless crown jewells are protected).

The media has also begun to speculate the queen may not be ruling for much longer. Her crown is slipping. Andrew Morton, a well known royal autobiographer, commented to the Mirror newspaper he ‘doesn’t believe’ the monarch will be able to return to official duties. The COVID crisis has more or less placed Prince Charles onto the throne as he is mostly handling the royal duties in the queen’s absence.

To fuel the speculation, the Queen did not wear her state crown for last October state opening of Parliament. Rather than on her head, it was placed on a cushion to her side. Then during the next re-opening of Parliament only 2 months later, we saw both the Queen and Prince Charles dressed in civvies rather than their previous typical royal regalia. Both looked pretty peeved.

The Express published an article reporting the queen may abdicate to live out her final years.

Barbados has now declared it intends to remove the Queen as head of state.  The country plans to be a republic by 2021.  

The Queen and Prince Philip are not in their prime. Their ages are currently 94yrs and 99yrs respectively. The queen has reigned as Great Britain’s monarch since she was the young age of 24 yrs. It would be widely accepted without question if she was to fade into the background from the UK, public eye, and commonwealth countries. She doesn’t need to stick around on our behalf.

A young Queen Elizabeth (source Eidlweiss Paterns)

In the meantime, there has been little comment from the palace itself.

In My Humble Opinion:

This is a big BS cover story.

Let’s take a look at the queens accounts:

The British monarch’s fortune is worth £17 trillion.

The monarch owns 1/6 of the land in the world.

Think about this…

It is a huge amount of land for one person. She also owns more than 300 residences. In these residences, she possesses over 27,000 masterpieces of art. In addition to these assets, she also has a stable of prize-winning horses and her fleet of royal Bentleys and Rolls Royce’s, and let’s not forget her royal carriage made from 4 tons of gold is worth upwards of £289 billion in today’s money. In addition to this, she owns vast amounts of land and investments inherited by her black nobility ancestors and is alleged to have a large source of income from the drugs market.

The Queen’s Golden State Carriage (source PopSugar assets)

The Queen’s sum of worth is unimaginable for many of us. If we had many lifetimes, we still wouldn’t build this wealth. Click here to watch a short documentary revealing the Queen’s personal fortune, and how she gained it.

With all of these riches, it is an audacity for the Queen to plead financial loss and impact due to the virus. It’s outrageous and almost insulting, especially for her former Royal employees and the HRP Charity.

To claim that she cannot afford to lose £116,000,000 due to the COVID virus is nothing at all to the Queen. The reality is that this is a mere drop in the ocean of her bank balance. She personally owns enough liquid assets to pay all off her staff for many years. Also, the fact a great number of the royal castles are run by a self-funded charity, rather than the royal monarch is hard to justify in itself.

If the queen is really feeling the pinch, like anyone else, she should sell some of her valuable assets. I am sure it will only take a palace or two, or a few horses and Bentleys. This will solve her financial straits for a few decades.

As one of the most costly royals in the royal family, she should reduce her personal costs regardless. If the expense of running all of her royal properties and treasures is too high, it would be logical to sell her properties to reduce the running costs. She should not rely on a charity to maintain these locations. One family can only need so many residences.

Now before the Royalists begin to strongly protest against the loss of these tourist locations:  The royal sightseeing profits barely make the top 20 of the national tourist income total. The reality is, it will barely be a loss to the UK’s revenue at all. The costs of running exceed the revenue generated by keeping them.

Other than the few unrealistic photos, and news stories without substance, little has been seen of the monarch and Prince Philip. We did see some snatched photographs of her majesty leaving Buckingham Palace in the back of her private limo. A month or so later, a press released photo was issued to celebrate Philips’s 99th birthday. The photographer was not credited, and something about it doesn’t look right anyway.

It does not take an expert in photo editing to see this photo clearly looks edited. The article informs us this is the first public photograph of the Prince since his hospital visit last December. I am not sure this counts as an appearance.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at windsor birthday press released photo(source BBC News)

The first obvious photoshop suspicion is the queen’s hands. They do not look like they belong to the same photo, or if the hands are hers at all. Furthermore, it has been questioned if the queen and Prince Philip were photographed together. This image looks like two individual photos placed side by side onto the background image of Windsor.

The last photo of Philip taken in 2019 before the lockdown (source BBC news)

Another photo of the monarch and husband at their grandaughterPrincess Beatrice’s wedding was published. On closer inspection, the images look grainy when enlarged, and not the crisp HD image quality we expect from modern cameras.



A family photo of the newly-weds and grandparents looks as though the two royal pairs were edited onto the background of a church. Both couples are looking in different directions, and no-one is looking at the camera. This seems to be yet another red herring fake photo of the queen and Prince Philip making a public appearance.















Some readers may be aware a few years back there was a ‘fake news’ story in 2016 announcing the queen had died. Soon after this, the press retracted and debunked the news story. Do we believe this? Do we trust the BBC? Many of the web pages with the original story have been removed from the internet. Online video amateur footage of vacated Buckingham Palace has been removed. Not many people who live outside of London have any awareness of this or believe it is true. Should we also believe Philip is still alive?

Why is it so difficult to find recent video clips of the palace online? What are the royals trying to hide? And why is Buckingham Palace clearly vacated by the royals, household cavalry, and royal staff? What are we not being told?

Watch the Queen’s Guard leaving Buckingham Palace.

Watch footage of an empty Buckingham Palace





Watch YouTube clip by Star Insider; ‘Queen and Charles ordered to pay back millions to UK taxpayer amid fury over monarchy cost’

Online bloggers, social media, and YouTube users have shared rumours the Queen and Prince Philip are both executed or incarcerated. I wonder where the Queen and Philip actually are, what status is their liberty, or mortality?

There is a lack of media reports or images of the royal leader’s engagements. The ones released and published in the mainstream media, seem implausible and unnatural. But there is one recent headline of an unidentified female corpse found in the round pond on the grounds of Kensington Palace. The incident did make it to a page. Yet it had little detail and a lot of irrelevant text. What is a sensational shocking story has been glossed over in a transparent effort to bury news. There is more to this when we scratch beneath the surface. -Let’s keep on scratching.



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